Valentines Menu


Why not celebrate your Valentines Day at Deep Jamaican Restaurant!!

Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner with a love one.



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Roasted pumpkin and sweet corn soup (V)

Cooked with Caribbean herbs and spices – puréed to a creamy taste and served with traditional hard o bread

Stir-fried vegetables (V)

Carefully selected fresh vegetables stir-fried with olive oil, and a hint of seasoning, served with mini Calaloo fritters and plantain wedges

Ackee & Salt fish

Jamaica’s national dish, special prepared and served with mini dumplings and fried plantain

Caribbean style stir-fried chicken

Served with mini dumpling and fried plantain



Salmon Rundown

Filleted salmon marinated and slowly steamed in a succulent coconut and honey sauce
served with sweet potato and pumpkin mash

Traditional Curried goat

Semi-boned goat meat marinated in Caribbean herbs & Spices and cooked to a timely method and served with a choice of rice & peas or seasoned basmati rice

Stuffed chicken breast

Breast of chicken stuffed with plantain and mixed peppers and served with a choice of Rice & Peas or seasoned basmati rice


Polenta and pumpkin bake (V)

Polenta prepared with selected herbs and spices baked and served with
season calaloo and ackee

Vegetable curry (V)

A medley of vegetable, herbs and spies cooked in its own juice to create an authentic taste.




Deep specially prepared fruit salad

Homemade granola apple crumble

Served with cinnamon and brandy custard or vanilla ice cream

Mango and coconut cheesecake

Served with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch drizzle


Cost:  £27.99 per head

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