Drinks Menu

Sparkling Wine

Alasia Moscato d’Asti, Italy
A sweet, white wine with delicate aromas of honey, flowers and fresh grapes. On the palate the wine reveals further aromatic apricot, stone fruit and grape notes. A clean wine with refreshing acidity on the finish to balance.

Pale green with lemon hues. Hints of apple and peach on the nose. Light and delicate with citrus notes - this wine is semi-dry, soft and delicious.

Asti Martini
The cool, fresh, sparkling sweet sensation of glass of Asti Martini wine.

White Wines

Cuvee Jean Paul Demi-Sec, France
Deliciously fresh and aromatic nose has intense citrus and pear notes. A soft palate with a delicate floral character.
bottle-£12.95, 125ml-£2.95, 175ml-£3.95, 250ml-£4.95

Carlotta Catarratto, Italy
Medium bodied fresh and crisp with tropical fruit flavours with a delicate toasty, nutty character.

Los Tres Curas Sauvignon Blanc, Chile
Zesty, Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, full of fruit with a dry, zippy finish.
bottle-£15.95, 125ml-£3.95, 175ml-£4.95, 250ml-£5.95

Cape Heights Chenin Blanc, South Africa
This Chenin Blanc is packed with up front tropical fruit, guava and goosberries. The palate follows through with delightful fruit flavours, balanced by crisp acid to ensure a fresh and fruity style of wine.

Allamanda Pinot Grigio, Italy
Light in colour, a fresh pinot with citrus and peach aromas, light bodied with zippy flavours and a crisp acidity.

Rolleston Vale Reserve Chardonnay, Australia
A vibrant fresh Chardonnay with peach and melon flavours and a hint of citrus. Crisp and clean on the finish.

Mont Rocher Viognier, France
This dry viognier is packed with creamy apricot and citrus fruit, backed up with refreshing zesty acidity.

Cocktail Menu

MalibuMalibu Breeze
1 shot of Amaretto, 1 shot Malibu,½ measure lemon juice, Red syrup Shake and serve

MartiniMartini Coco Mania
1 shot dry martini, 1 shot coco mania rum, ½ measure lime juice, 1 shot Sugar syrup, Shake and serve

tom collinsTom Collins
3 shots gin, 2 measures lemon juice, ½ measure sugar syrup, Top up with soda water Decorate with lemon slice

Mosco MuleMosco Mule
2 shots vodka, 1 measure lime juice, Top up with ginger beer, Decorate with a lime wedge

1 Coarse salt, 3 shots white tequila, 1 shot triple sec, 2 measure lime juice Decorate

mojitoClub Mojito
15ml sugar syrup, 6 fresh mint leaves, ½ measure lemon juice, 2 shots Appleton rum, Top up with soda water, Decorate with mint leaves

pinacoladaPina Colada
2 shots white rum, 1 shot dark rum, 3 shots pineapple juice, 2 shots coconut cream, 1 shot sugar syrup, blend and pour, Decorate with cocktail cherry / pineapple wedge

Caribbean DelightCaribbean Delight
1 shot white rum, 1 shot Appleton rum, 25ml ginger beer, 15ml sugar syrup ½ measure lemon juice, Shake and pour

Mo BayMo Bay
1 shot pineapple & coconut juice, 1 shot white rum, 1 shot tropical juice, 15ml sugar syrup, 15ml tropical syrup, 1 measure lime juice, Shake and pour

Mo BayCalipso
1 shot whisky, 1 shot ginger wine, 15ml sugar syrup, 1 shot triple sec, Shake and pour

Jamaican Sea BreezeJamaican Sea Breeze
1 shot southern comfort, 1 shot Bacardi, 25ml sugar syrup, 25ml pineapple and coconut juice, 1 measure Lemon juice, 1 shot tropical syrup, Shake and pour

Hot Drinks

Blue Mountain Coffee£2.90English Breakfast Tea£2.25
Regular Coffee£2.50Herbal Tea£2.25
Hot Chocolate£2.50 


Gordon’s Gin£3.50Martini Bianca£3.00
Martel Brandy£3.50Ginger Wine£2.95
Vodka£3.50Tia Maria£3.50
Baileys Lacquerer£3.50Port£3.50
Southern Comfort£3.50 

Caribbean Traditions

Super Malt £2.50£2.50Jugs serve 4125ml glasses
Mighty Malt £2.50£2.50Guinness Punch (jug)£12.00
Dragon Stout £3.50£3.50Deep Rum Punch (jug)£12.00
Guinness £3.50£3.50Carrot juice (jug)£9.00
Nutriment £2.50£2.50Sexy Juice (jug)£9.00



Wine By The Glass

Cuvee Jean Paul Rouge (red)£3.20£4.20£12.95
Valencia Sweet (White)£3.20£4.20£12.00
Hardy’s Chardonnay (white)£3.20£4.20£12.00
Gallo (Rose)£3.20£4.20£12.00

Soft Drinks

Diet Cola £1.80LARGE £3.00Ginger Ale£1.80
Coca Cola £1.80LARGE £3.00Pineapple & Coconut£2.50
Lemonade£1.80Tropical Juice £2.50LARGE £3.00
Ginger Beer£1.80Orange Juice£2.50
Red Bull£3.00Apple Juice£2.50
Tonic Water£1.80Coconut Water£2.00
Soda Water£1.80Sparkling Water£2.00


Malibu£3.50Ray & Nephew(White Rum) £4.00
Appleton£3.50Jewel Iles Rum Punch£3.00
Bacardi£3.50Captain Morgan£3.50
Mount Gay£3.50Havana Club£3.50


Holston Pills£3.00Heineken£3.00
Red Stripe£3.00Alcohol free£3.00




Glenfiddich£4.00Famous Grouse£3.50
Jack Daniels£3.50Bells Scotch£3.50
Jameson£3.50Single Malt£3.50