Our menu


Lollipop Chicken Niblets
Glazed chicken niblets, chard cabbage greens, smokey honey sticky sauce
Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Soup
Rosemary and garlic croutons, crispy onion (V)
Island Spiced Ackee and Salt Fish
Scotch bonnet donut, thyme and sweet chilli butter
Fusion Stir-fry Vegetables
Selection of vegetables, plantain wedges, calaloo fritters (V)
Calaloo Deep fry Delight
Calaloo fritter, caramelised cucumber, tropic salad, bell pepper ketchup (V)

Main Courses

Vegetarian Dishes

Calaloo and Beetroot Cannelloni
Spiced tomato sauce and rosemary garlic bread (V)
Jamaica Reggae Curry
Butterbean and sweet potato curry, pumpkin pancake, roasted butternut squash, sweet and sour cucumber (V)
Deep Special Ackee and Calaloo (Vegan)
Ackee and calaloo with plantain wedges and sweet potato chips (V)
Cho Cho, Carrot and Sweet Potato Melody (Vegan)
Sweet potato, carrot and cho cho with calaloo rice (V)
Roasted Carrot and Sweet Potato Ressoto (Vegan)
with parmesan cheese and rosemary garlic bread (V)

Main Courses

Fish Dishes

St Mary Salmon Rundown
Fillet of salmon cooked in coconut, honey and scallion sauce
Old Harbour Fusion


Lobster and plantain thermidor, irie salad, hassled back potatoes, anatto butter
Hellshire Delight
Pan fried snapper fillet, roast plantain, okra & scallion, corn fritter, mango and ginger sauce
Deep Special Fish of the Day
Steam fish with okra and calaloo
Calypso Prawns
King prawns with garlic, ginger and honey sauce
All the above is served with a choice of Rice and Peas, plain boiled rice and boiled food (green banana, dumpling and yam).

Main Courses

Meat Dishes

Boston Jerk Secret
Mango and coconut Jerk chicken, with traditional rice and peas, grilled vegetables and bammy
Boscobel Brown Stewed Chicken
With reggae rice and coconut coleslaw
Island Delight Curry Goat
Traditional dish with reggae rice and grill vegetables
Signiture Dish
Dutch pot oxtail, with butterbeans, spinners (dumplings) and rice and peas
Deep Jamaican Pepper Steak


Prime fillet steak, with jerk onion and mushroom, cassava chips, homemade pimento smoked steak sauce.
Deep Special Curry Chicken


with pineapple, coconut and herb sauce and served with reggae rice/plain boiled rice
All the above is served with a choice of Rice and Peas, plain boiled rice and boiled food (green banana, dumpling and yam)

Side Dishes

Rice & Peas/ reggae rice
Plain boiled rice
Boiled green banana, yam, dumplings
Fried Dumplings
Fried plantain
Salt fish fritters
Normal Chips
Sweet potato chips
Calaloo fritters
Homemade coleslaw